Rent A Bench!
Space available by the day, week, or month

Glassblowing Bench Rental

Public Hours:

10am – 6pm

Renter’s Hours:

24 Hour Access


1 Day – $25
1 Week – $150
1 Month – $400

With Torch/Tool Rental:

1 Day – $50
1 Week – $200
1 Month – $500

Note: If you are renting for a week or month, the discount will appear in the cart.

Rental Agreement & Rules

Conscious Glass Creations is the premiere public access glass studio in the Philadelphia region. Our benches are 3 feet by 4 feet and come with a height adjustable stool.  We supply Oxygen from a 4500 CU FT liquid tank and Propane from a 500 gallon tank.  Both Oxygen and Propane are stored away from the main Studio with underground lines leading into the facility.  The fuel lines within the facility are hard lined to each bench.  Benches are equipped with a Harris Model 25GX Oxygen and Propane regulator.  Flashback arrestors are also supplied.

We have two Kilns are available. A Paragon F130 and an Aim 2118.

We also rent Griffin Starter Tool Kits, Phillips or Auralens Didymium Glasses and Carlisle Hellcat Torches.

Space is available to be rented daily, weekly, and monthly. Renters are responsible for supplying their own tools and glass. When in stock, raw materials will be available for purchase here.

Our Studio’s Features

500 Gallon AmeriGas Propane Tank

AmeriGas is the nation’s largest supplier of propane with over 2,500 distribution locations across all 50 states. This means they’re able to deliver safe, reliable, responsive propane services to us without interruption.

Paragon F-130 Elite Lamp Working Kiln

We have a Paragon F-130 Lampworking Kiln where you can make figurines up to 12” tall. You can also anneal large glass beads and marbles while raising the spring-loaded vertical-drop door to insert a glass figurine with a punty rod. The punty rod will extend outside the firing chamber through the smaller punty rod door. This allows even large glass pieces to anneal safely.

High-Pressure Natural Gas Available Upon Request

We have high-pressure natural gas from South Jersey Gas available upon request. It can give consistent pressure, a cleaner flame and is much more convenient than propane cylinders. Compared to propane, natural gas has almost no carbon so there is no soot in the flame and no carbon buildup on most torches.

Aim 2418 Lamp Working Kiln

We have a larger kiln that you may need to enhance your creativity. Whether you’re a lamp worker making beads or functional items, our AIM 2418 is the kiln for you.

Commercial Propane Gas Regulator

We have a gas pressure regulator that is used to reduce the pressure of gas supplied from our high-pressure 500 Gallon cylinder of gas to a workable level that can be safely used for operating our torches.  Our single-stage pressure regulator reduces the cylinder pressure to the delivery or outlet pressure in one step.

Liquid Oxygen Tank

We use an MVE 4L200 cryogenic liquid oxygen cylinder to furnish a convenient, reliable, and economical method for the delivery of liquefied oxygen gas.

Ventilation System

We have an elaborate ventilation system featuring 2 Vortex in-line duct blower fans. Vortex V-16XL in-line duct blower fans are made from quality steel and feature a hammertone powder coat finish for added durability. The fans are built with an extended collar and lip to allow easy duct hookup

Hard Lines with Solenoid Emergency Switch

We have a complete hard lined fuel system with many safety features including emergency switched Solenoid valves.  ASCO solenoid valves control the critical flow of propane and oxygen.  Their RedHat power management technology sets a new industry standard for reliability and power consumption, accepting both AC and DC voltages while improving performance.